Terms of Service

Shipping: Items generally ship within 1-2 days via USPS. Tracking numbers are available.

Combined Shipping: For books & movies, most additional items will add just $1 to the shipping cost. For other categories, feel free to contact me with the items you're interested in and your zip code for a price quote.

Item Condition: Used CDs & DVDs are graded on a scale of Acceptable-> Good-> Very Good-> Like New. Anything above Acceptable should play with no problems. I take grading seriously and check all discs under a bright light. Records follow the P->F->G->VG->VG+->EX->NM scale. If there's a single mark I can feel with a fingernail, I grade it F though some guides would allow up to VG. I've rated a couple hundred albums and only a few were graded EX.

Packaging: Graphic Novels and records usually ship in a protective cardboard mailer. DVDs are typically sent in bubble mailers with cardboard inserts for extra protection.